The SpotNzoom system provides a special solution for surveillance systems installed primarily for security purposes. Fixed and PTZ cameras automatically draw the system’s attention to the most important events, and take a high-resolution identification image. In ordinary security camera systems, there is a common problem that although the monitored area is covered by cameras, no identifiable images of people or vehicles are made. The reason is that the cameras have to see a large area where a person’s face or a license plate is only a few pixels in size. SpotNzoom provides a solution for large areas with continuous and fully automated control of PTZ (Point-Tilt-Zoom) cameras.


Thanks to the collaboration of Fix and PTZ cameras, the system automatically zooms in on all relevant events and objects and captures high-resolution images that the human operator can look back at later. The system is also suitable for classifying objects, recognizing people and vehicles as special objects. The system zooms in to the recognized object and follows it while moving, until it switches to another object based on a pre-set priority logic, or the operator does not intervene. Thanks to the complex solution, high quality identifiable images are provided from the whole area under surveillance, minimizing human resource and error potential.
parking car


The SpotNzoom technology is a camera manufacturer independent solution that can be used and paired with all products that meet ONVIF standards. SpotNzoom technology can even be deployed by extending existing systems, without the need for a completely new infrastructure.


The basic units of the system are the SpotNzoom Units, which consist of one fixed camera, one PTZ camera and a computer unit responsible for local image processing and camera control.

Fixed camera minimum requirements:

  • 2MP resolution
  • IP technology
  • ONVIF standard

PTZ camera minimum requirements:

  • 2MP resolution
  • IP technology
  • ONVIF S standard

Computer Minimum Requirements:

  • 5th Generation Intel i5 Processor
  • 6 GB of RAM


  • Automated PTZ control
  • Camera manufacturer independent solution
  • Lower hardware and installation costs (compared to covering the same area with standard camera system)

The basic function of the technology is combined with event recognition capabilities and a complex video management system in our SpotNzoom PRO product, equipped with state of art video analytics solutions offering superior security technology to our partners.