Features of SpotNzoom PRO

SpotNzoom PRO is a new product from the Dolphio Technologies SpotNzoom product range, bringing the capabilities of the existing technology to a new level. Its essence is that by combining the camera network of a location, the system provides a complex event recognition and alarm functions with full video management and state of the art video analytics solutions for security professionals.


  • Map visualization of the monitored area

    Interactive real-time map, displaying the objects in the area and providing information by one click

  • Detecting suspicious behaviour

    Multiple passing vehicles, recognition of people moving in the opposite direction, pedestrians walking at abnormal speeds

  • Detecting violations

    Traffic rules in the area can be specified on a user-friendly interface, and the system will always detect if the traffic participants are violating any of them

  • Riportálás

    Eseménylisták lekérdezése komplex adatokkal és média állománnyal.

  • Face and license plate recognition

    The system is capable of managing and integrating external face and license plate recognition solutions

  • Overwrite PTZ control

    In case of an interesting event, the operator can manually manage the PTZ cameras by taking the control from the automation

  • Automatic alarms

    In case of specified events, the interface will alert the operator, so nothing can escape the attention of the security personnel

  • System requirements

    • Central Processing Server:
      • 5th Generation Intel i7
      • 8GB of RAM
      • GPU 1GB



  • Easy to use and flexible to modify user interface

  • Optional templates for documentation of violations

  • Integrated document management

  • Customizable real-time video display interface

Recommended for

The SpotNzoom PRO system is recommended for sites where the highest level of security is a top priority, and it is not allowed to miss any event. The SpotNzoom Pro system is the ideal choice for automated camera protection for high security locations, sites and objects

  • Government Buildings
  • Tourist attractions
  • Sports Venues
  • Industrial areas


  • Easy integration

  • Traffic violation detection

  • Continuous support from the developers

  • Exclusion of human errors

  • Lower security personnel requirements

  • Automated operation


Budavár Case study